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Anger Management Counseling

You know you're mad, now find out why

Take control of your life back

Like all emotions, anger is a very natural response to a particular situation. Instinctively, we are hardwired to react aggressively when faced with a real or perceived threat. Although healthy and in some cases even crucial to our well being, anger becomes a detrimental force when it develops into uncontrollable rage, hurting those around us, or when it simply controls our lives.

If left unmanaged, anger issues can affect your health, your career, and your relationship with family and friends. Although you will never be able to eliminate every situation that triggers an angry response, with counseling and support, you can learn how to effectively manage your reaction to these situations and regain control of your life. Like all forms of counselling, the effectiveness of treatment requires participation and commitment by the client to resolving the issues that are underlying the anger.

Whether your anger is relatively mild or frighteningly intense, if it’s controlling your life, you need to manage the situation now. There will always be things that make you angry; your reaction is what matters. With support and counseling you can learn how to change your thinking, to see the situation from a new perspective so your anger no longer controls you. Simply stated, anger management counseling will give you the tools to take your life back and resolve the triggers that result in the extreme anger reactions.

Don't let your anger control you